Friday, June 15, 2012

Floral Friday Watercolor

Santa Barbara weather can get a little gloomy this time of year. I know it's probably a little counter intuitive for sun-shiny California to get gloomy in the beginning of June - but it happens. To us locals we like to refer to the phenomena as June Gloom. And I can assure you - it's gloomy. Foggy, overcast skies hug the coast and bring with them a high level of sad faced days (at least on my end). To alleviate the depression, many locals know that the trick is to head to the Santa Ynez Valley for some wine tasting or (supppper top secret) river floating at the Santa Ynez River. In fact, a group of my pals headed that way to day for just that reason (and to celebrate my dear friend Tessa's birthday). I couldn't make it and as such, I decided to lift my spirits with a good round of afternoon exercise and a cheerful little watercolor post for everyone. 

On that note, here's to a sun shiny weekend to all of my friends! Xoxo - Jennie

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