Friday, April 24, 2009

Secret Garden

Succulent. A fun word to say. What's even more fun? Actual succulents! Ok, maybe not everyone will agree with me on that one, but I really do love succulents. Their wonderful plump and waxy leaves lend so much to the imagination. For instance, in the pictures of above, look at the silly sage green ones that look like small rocks (or little butts!).
Because my friend Sonja loves and appreciates succulents as much as I do, I made her a small desktop succulent garden for her day of birth. The ceramic pot was made by me; dark brown clay, tony's copper glaze with a rim of chun white glaze. The colors and textures of the pot lend themselves nicely to a southwestern-ish aesthetic and complement the plant colors. I think it turned out quite darling and I am excited because I have found a way to use all of my extra pots! :)

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