Tuesday, September 21, 2010

J & D

Some really great friends of ours (ours, meaning me and my loverly boy toy) got married last month and we wanted to do something special for them (aka: we didn't want to just get them a blender). Putting our noggins together we decided to have fun with sparklers, our amateur photog skills and the dark of night. So, I know that this idea has been done before, but we had a blast. Kyle manned the camera while I whisked probably a total of 20 sparklers in the air (in total) like a crack head on the fourth of July. Each image was printed separately and then framed together in a triptych style.

Funny side note: after we gave J & D the present, they informed us that the night of their wedding they forgot to bust out the huge box of sparklers they had bought for guests to play with. I guess they have some presents to make. ;)

Congats John and Danielle!!

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Marcy said...

You guys are ridiculously creative. Love this, it turned out great!