Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Inside My Dream

A friend near and dear to my heart, the lovely and wondrous Holly Finley, has been making music magic for as long as I can remember. In high school we would sit cross legged on the floor of her bedroom, a group of three or four of us, and sing ridiculous songs ranging from reggae to punk while Holly played her guitar. Often we would record these spontaneous bursts of fun onto cassette tapes to replay for our amusement at later dates.
After high school we all went off to college each in our own little educational direction. Without a second thought Holly started taking song writing and music history and guitar and cello and any music class she could absorb. She became involved with choirs in the area and started performing in town and around the world.
After years of dedication and hard work Holly has officially announced the release of her debut album EP; Inside My Dream. The title of the album lends itself so fittingly to the sounds within; melodic and dreamy vocals paired with personal and metaphorical lyrics, the exact things dreams are made of.
I myself have been a great supporter of all things Holly Finely since long before her musical debut. She is a wonderful and warm person with exceptional talents. As a long time friend I offered to make the album artwork for Holly and, in her true trustworthy style, she let me do what I wanted. The result is album art that speaks as true to Holly's title as her music.

So please, check out Holly Finley's Inside My Dream available on CDBaby and iTunes, follow her on Facebook and give a budding artist the chance to shine like she deserves.

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DeeDee said...

I purchased this when it first came out. It's absolutely genius. I hear new things every time I listen to it. PS Your art work is really cool!