Sunday, September 11, 2011

Joanne and Matt - Button Wedding

So if any of you ever follow my blog you know it is usually a random assortment of some of my sketches and doodles these days. However, the work outside of my blog posting has been devoted to an assortment of design work, illustrations, web design and identity.

This summer I had the pleasure of creating two separate wedding invitation suites for two people I am very close to; my sister and my BFF. Both of these projects were a blast to do and it was the best gift I could give to both of them for their special days.

Today I wanted to highlight the work I did for my sister Joanne and her husband Matt. Their wedding was held at a beautiful private park in Carpinteria, CA. My sister, an avid sewer and quilter, decided to incorporate a button theme to her big day. The end result was a hand illustrated and hand lettered suite.

The Save the Date was the jumping point for the rest of the suite. It set an overall tone in terms of illustration style and lettering, but actually contained a more complex color palette. Paper liners were created for the envelopes in a purple striped paper and we hand glued to all of the envelopes by my sister.

The invitation itself consisted of a gated fold card kept shut by a button band. The wedding date was hidden on the back side of the invite for a fun surprise. RSVP cards emulated the same button banner from the invite band for a consitent feel that wasn't cookie cutter throughout the suite.

Custom return address labels were also printed and used throughout the entire suite.

The end result was a casual and unique suite that helped shape the wedding details:

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lalove said...

Great designs, Jennie! I love the sweets table. So fun and yum!