Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Watercolor Women

Slightly forlorn and a bit mysterious, this series of Watercolor Women illustrations was a fun process. Just like my Fall watercolor illustrations, the process begun with painted watercolor that I scanned. From there the watercolor backgrounds were transformed digitally in Photoshop adding texture and layered up for a richer color. The women have a slight Picasso-esque feel, but it wasn't intentional; the first illustration (the green girl) was the gateway for the other two, I just ran with the style. I had fun playing with interesting orientations and flowing hair. Overall, it was a fun project done solely for the pleasure of trying something new. I would love to know your thoughts!


lalove said...

I love art created solely with the intention of trying something new. I like the playful cubist style, and your watercolor backgrounds are gorgeous! I especially love the colors in the middle one.

Jennie said...

Thanks Lalove! :) They were really fun, and manipulating the watercolor backgrounds in Photoshop is such a fun and relaxing process.