Friday, April 12, 2013

Hawaiian Ukulele Princess

The sweet, sweet sounds of ukulele fill my ears nearly every day. My "partner in life", Kyle Phillips, is quite the ukulele aficionado. He plays an instrument everyday, guitar or ukulele, and I am always impressed with the sound that emerges from those little wooden instruments.

In a very romantic gesture Kyle gifted me with a ukulele last year for our anniversary. It is a beauty and, although I do not play it as I should, I do love it. My favorite time to perform my (non-existent) uke talent is late at night, after a really fun party, with a few of my favorite people (Tessa!) gathered around me (and a lot of empty wine glasses).

ukulele princess illustration
My Hawaiian Ukulele Princess is in honor of the fine tradition of ukulele and my love, for his devotion to filling our home with pretty music.

Kyle Phillips in his usual stance: playing the ukulele. 

 Jennie Jacobs ukeleleBlack Bear ukelele
This me with my pretty little uke and a close up of the signature Black Bear ukulele inlay. 

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