Friday, February 4, 2011

Ethereal Inspiration

Design and art isn't just about pen and paper. A lot of great design comes from inspiration of things all around us. Currently my life has been incredibly busy, but every once in a while I get a chance to explore my guilty pleasure; reading blogs. Any type of blog really. But usually a mixture of fashion, design, food, art and lifestyle.

Last night I took a small amount of time to peruse the internet and stumbled upon the latest Elie Saab couture collection. Fashion at its finest, I was instantaneously rendered with an urge to wear every single dress available. But not only would the collection be pure heaven to wear, it is pure inspiration to look at. Particularly fun for me was the muted/bright color combination of the line. Pair that with the flowy, gauzy, soft edges of the gowns and you have an awesome watercolor painting to happen. See the full collection here.

So take a breath, look around you and find something inspirational today. Happy hunting.


lalove said...

gorgeous! does this mean we get to see some new watercolors soon?!

Jennie said...

I sure do hope so! I played around with them last weekend to create some illustrations of fall leaves for a wedding stationery suite I am making for a friend, I should post those up here. :)