Sunday, February 6, 2011

Instant Gratification

Tide pooling with Holly Finley. Deveraux beach, Isla Vista, CA.
Kyle and Holly looking for creatures under a black hole sun.
Kyle. My love. :)
Pelicans on the horizon.
I could spend countless hours at the Deveraux tide pools.
A big pink star fish trapped by the low tide.
My darling friend Alison and I after margaritas and greasy Mexican food. Not a good combo the night before a half marathon. Carlsbad, CA.
The Gabster and I at Kyoto in Santa Barbara for her sake bombing birthday bash.
The evidence of a delicious sushi dinner.

The fun of an instant camera never dies. It's magical and exciting. It's instance gratification... but the kind of the past. Because, really, the new instant camera is on your iPhone or HTC and it doesn't just take the picture and show you the results in nano seconds, but, bing bang boom! and it's on the web or sent via email. I accept the "new" instant camera because it is fun and easy, but I am happy that companies and buyers (like myself) are still embracing the idea of old skool film variety.

Below, a "new" instant camera shot taken by my friend Patrick Parkinson, regularly featured on the wonderful blog of his wife Lalove "Lawless" Benedict.

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lalove said...

Awesome pics! I'm totally cracking up over the "lawless" bit. And Patrick is pleased to see his photo featured on your blog.