Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Rainy Day Recovery

Most of the time a rainy day sucks the happiness from my heart. Some people love them so dearly, even covet them in a place like Santa Barbara, but not I. I like sunbeams and little dresses that you wear in warm weather and sandals and ice cream cones.

So what do you do when the winter season brings copious amounts of rain into your life? Usually I would say sulk and wait for the sun, but with the unusual amount of wetness this season I just have to find ways to cope. Today I managed my mood with these little nuggets of joy:

Puppy dog doodles on To Do lists:

A gift of a totally delicious rice krispie treat:

Reading someone else's cute blog when no one is looking:

Wet weather window shots:

Moral of the story: weather happens, so deal with it.

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