Friday, March 18, 2011

Sketch Phone

One of the joys of being an out of date loser is the transition from a lame, pink, dented, 5 year old phone (ancient in phone years) to the magical and wondrous world of an iPhone. The pure joy of a phone that keeps some of my favorite things at my fingertips is sheer delight; Photos and music, recipes and pissed off fowl launched through the air via sling shot....

But my favorite thing of all is the ability to carry around a portable and fully stocked art supply box at all times. My SketchBook app by Autodesk has been an absolutely integral part to my life since it was downloaded. Now moments of boredom or the instance of inspiration can be filled with a fun and portable sketch.

It's fun and easy and creative and it makes me happy. So I share with you some of my random sketches that emerged from life's little pauses.

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