Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lacey Valentine Heart How To

I came up with this idea while making some Valentine's for some special people. Who wants a cheesy heart shaped lace doily for V-day when you can make your own unique version??

You will need:
- watercolor paint
-masking fluid, preferably in a squeeze bottle with a small tip
-Paint brush
- watercolor paper or card

Step 1: Draw out two concentric heart shapes lightly with pencil. Using a squeeze bottle of masking fluid with a small tip, draw a lace pattern around the inner circle. The masking fluid is seen in blue.

Step 2: Once the masking fluid is completely dry (it will feel like rubber cement) you can paint the inner heart with your choice of colors. I used Winsor Newton Quinacradone Red and Alizarin Crimson. Let dry completely.Step 3: Paint the outer heart with another color. I used Winsor Newton Violet and Cotman Ultramarine.
Step 4: While the paint is still wet, paint on some lace detail on the outside of the heart.

Step 5: When all the paint is completely dry peel and rub off your masking fluid.

Here is the completed card!
I would love to hear from anyone who gives it a try!

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