Monday, February 16, 2009


Kisses my little chickadees. So with the permission of my darling Kyle I am sharing with all of you the valentine's that were exchanged between us this weekend.

Kyle has been on a roll making super cool paintings on sheets of metal, and so, in super manly man fashion, he made me a valentine on..... a sheet of metal! A dremel tool was used to gouge in the heart outline and was also used to create the swirly little pattern around it. I absolutely love it! It is so creative and sweet of him. The back was painted in a solid red and a sweet little love note was written on it. Swoon.

Kyle Phillips

Below is the Babe-a-tron 3000 Valentine card I made for him. It is constructed out of different high qua-la-teeee card stock that I simply cut out and glued together. I added brads and silver ink to make it even more authentic and robot-ey. The card actually opens up, but I didn't take any shots of that.

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