Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Honey Bunny

Sitting on my desk is a catalog for a well known, "kitchen-stuff" chain store, chock full of cute little Easter doo-dads and chocolate goodies. Out of all of the holidays Easter really isn't my fave (although I do enjoy the tasty basket of candy from my parents every year), but I couldn't help
being inspired by all of the pastel colors and bunny shaped crap in the catalog. So I doodled on my Sketch Phone:

In addition to being inspired to draw something, I was also sucked in to purchasing some cute little sea urchin salt and pepper shakers, see below.


laove said...

That's an impressive sketch phone doodle. You are becoming quite the pro with that little app!
Love the salt and pepper shakers—good find!

lalove said...

haha. love that I mispelled my own name :D

Jennie said...

Thanks Lalove! I wouldn't worry too much about misspelling your own name, you're the only one who reads my blog anyway :)