Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Autumnal Insta-Roundup

 I, like most people these days, have an unwavering love/obsession/sickness for Instagram. It's fricken genius - don't try to deny it (even if you did try to deny it and it were right on any sort of level I would still strongly disagree with you because that's just how obsessed I am with it).

That paired with an intense passion for Halloween-esque happy times I find myself
  1. gathering/making/surrounding myself with all things cutesy-fall 
  2.  proceeding to take pictures of it


lalove said...

Yum. I want a candy corn cookie!

Jennie said...

Lalove!! They were delish - the only problem was that we couldn't find a candy corn shaped cookie cutter. So at first we used a super lame cardboard one that I made.... and then we realized it was better just to free form cut them with a knife.... slight learning curve! :)

lalove said...

Hilarious! love it.