Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Danny Roberts

Through my constant perusing of fashion blogs on the internet I have stumbled upon the lovely and whimsical artwork of Danny Roberts. His blog, Igor + Andre, has been a delightful discovery for me. His character sketches and paintings are richly layered with semi-transparent strokes of watercolors, inks and pencils. The pieces he showcases on his blog are usually portraits of intriguing female bloggers, artists and models.

I find his pieces particularly inspirational. There is something about the way he that he transforms and translates the person to paper which adds a bit of magic, mystery and sparkle to their forms. Overall, his work is deliciously rich with color and fun to look at. I highly recommend you watch the clip of him in action, it is quite amazing.

1 comment:

Igor+andré said...

wow! awe thank you Jennie!
mean alot!
so awesome.